Saturday 8th – Huddinge / Stockholm

Today was the last day of the first part of the Tour, and it had a little taste of nostalgy already, since a big amount of participants were to leave us in Stockholm.

But not before enjoying together a last swedish breakfast, a last fika and a last study visit day.

The program was to take the bus up to Huddinge, an eco-municipality that is part of the Stockholm county (about 20 km from the swedish capital), and – that is to say – has the first and biggest IKEA worlwide.

Johanna Pettersson welcomed us at the municipal office for a presentation of the sustainability work of the municipality. Jonas Andersson actually took care of the speech about the sustainable principles that the municipality adopted.
Then he let the place for Marcel Moritz, for a very interesting debate about “participation”. Indeed he showed us a little movie about the Community Workshop made for the “Sustainable Huddinge” planning project in 2010, in which citizens from all generations could participate.
Particularly interesting was the participation tools and strategies that he presented : information, consultation, dialogue, cooperation, co-decision making. Manfred Max-Need would had to this list a 6th tool in last instance : civil disobedience, as a way for citizens to be heard and to participate despite the politicians…
This whole discussion – that we had unfortunately too little time to really deepen – was very much about understanding how to build a sense of community and trust within the citizens and the municipality at the local level – that is to say, the basis for a sustainable change process.

Then the perfectly scheduled (for a change) organizers of the day took us to Sundby Gård, for another wonderfully tasty “brunch” that was likely to make us stay there forever, not to mention the dessert…

Digestion time followed : a walk in the park, a last moment to learn some salsa dance movements, a little nap for the olders of the group and finally a nice group picture for everyone (at the occasion of which we hardly avoid sinking in the lake).

The bus took us for a last study visit at Huddinge centrum, where the farmers market (vegetables, honey, handicraft, cheese, sheep skin…) took place.

Stockholm was the last stop for most of the participants. A farewell moment when we eventually got dispossessed of a part of the family : almost all the Quebec community left, plus the two Frenchies and John Swanson from United-States. “Ce n’est qu’un au revoir”, as we say in France!

Nostalgic feelings already took our hearts, but for the remaining bravest participants, this was just the beginning…
After a short sightseeing/familymeeting in Stockholm, the train will took us in the night to Northern Sweden, with its endless pine-tree forest, its swamps, its trolls and its damned mosquitoes.

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