September 12th – Boden


I think this Wednesday morning was the most pouring of the whole tour. We left Jokkmokk under the rain, but with a lot of inspiration and a unique experience of the Sami culture.

On the way back to Boden, we stopped at a little village called Vuolleryn, where Ed had the good surprise to find some wine from his very place – Nelson, New-Zealand. The main study visit of the day was the biogas plant of Boden “BiogasBoden”, where we could meet again Katarina Wennman, the environmentalist from the municipality.

Helene Henriksson, the waste water engineer of the company, guided us through the different facilities of the plant, that is converting sludge and household organic waste into methane. Thanks to this extra energy supply, they are able to provide 8 local buses, 50 private cars and 2 garbage trucks with biofuel.

Then the 9 participants, followed by a persistant biogas smell, came back to Boden’s center to have lunch together. The rest of the day was a lot of driving (a few round-abouts, a few fikas and a lot of stories) up to the final point of the trip ; Övertorneå.

The group could take a short walk in town before we had dinner at the hotel Tornedalia. A very nice evening indeed where the participants had a chance to taste some “surströmming” – the famous swedish fermented haring. Kristina, from the municipality of Övertorneå was here as well. Everyone gave a hand to the preparation of the meal (a little bit of cooking for once) which requires midnight-sun-grown potatoes, some onions, northern Sweden crispy bread – and snaps of course. Incredible enough, no one seemed to complain about the rotten fish that we made them eat.

Sludge, surströmming….yeah that’s it, I am going to call this day the “smelly day”.

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