September 13th – Övertorneå

The tour organizers, that had been sleeping at a friend’s house, were served some boiled mouse heart for breakfast.

The rest of the participants could enjoy a more normal starting of day, and we soon all take the cars to the first study visit of the day : a farm with frontline techniques regarding the raising of cows for dairy production.

Then we made the “have-to” stop on the polar circle line, before heading to the “free school” of Hietaniemi. This school is one of the few examples of community-owned education facility of Sweden, where the parents could take over the direction of the village school to prevent the municipality from closing it. Which allows them to be very free with the way they deal with the school and the students, especially regarding the environmental themes and the pedagogical program.

Lunch was planned at the restaurant of Kattilakoski, facing Finland along the Torne river, which also owns the best smoke sauna of the region. They served us some moose meet (fresh from last Sunday) cooked with red wine.

Then we tool the road again and stopped at Juoksengi, a small village of 300 souls were Torbjörn was born, and we visited some examples of organic agriculture and eco-tourism, where we had a nice fika with the so-called “café-ost”, a piece of cheese that his to be put into coffee.

We had dinner at Koivumaa Pasture. Conversation turned around the table about “your most important bifurcation” and “the most stupid thing you’ve made”… This story telling would continue in the smoke sauna – allowing, as only saunas does, a great bounding moment.

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