Thursday September 6th – Ljungsbro/Linköping/Södertälje/Järna


The very first minutes of the day (after midnight) actually started with a bunch of québec, swedish and french guys gathered into one of the hotel rooms finishing the last beers and wishing Sara Lahti (one of the Tour organizer) a happy birthday.

After a few hours of sleep and an early breakfast, the group had to leave the Strand Hotel (and its swimming pool) to take the road again up to Linköping in Östergotland. A four-hours ride got the participants starving (after getting used to Swedish fikas every 25 minutes) to the town of Ljungsbro.

There 3 green entrepreneurs were waiting for us in the midday sunlight, next to a nice red wooden barn, that will explain us all about the “passive plus house” behind them.

Per Karnehed, who has his own design and construction firm, started by making an enthusiastic presentation about the insulation/ventilation system of the house that will allow to keep the highest air tightness possible inside, and thus to maximize the energy efficiency of the house.

Then Andreas Molin (the actual owner of the passive plus house) presented us the history of the project, a pilot example of “area efficient sustainable energy solutions”. He could explain and show us the detail of the solar panels (PV) installation of the house.

All of this unfortunately happened before lunch, and we soon left the fabulous house to go for a traditional Swedish thursday lunch : pea soup with mustard and creps (“pankakor”).

In the middle of the afternoon, we followed Samar Nath (working with sustainable waste management within the Clean Tech Östergotland’s network) to the recycling station for an interesting presentation about the way Linköping is reducing, reusing, recycling, recovering and “landfilling” industrial and households waste.

The group went back into the bus for the last 2 hours of ride of this traveling day, that would lead us to the Eco-municipality of Södertälje, within which our hotel is located, in the small town of Järna. We had just the time to let our bags into the cosy/luxuous/old-fashioned/a-bit-kitchy rooms of Torpa Pensionat before going for a welcome dinner in Ytterjärna Center.

There we met Hans Von Essen, from the BERAS network (Baltic Ecological Recycling Agriculture and Society), that introduced us to some officials from Södertälje : waldorf schools teachers, transition town movement responsible, sustainable food project leaders, gardener…etc – together with a delicious vegetarian dinner full of taste and color.

It was also the opportunity to have another session of birthday songs for Sara – but this time in 5 languages! Or that is to say, that we added the specific local birthday song from Stockholm’s County. This nice evening ended with some wine and beers at the hotel’s leather chairs/cigar/whisky living room, where we also discovered incredibly crappy Quebec music.

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