Tuesday 11th – JOKKMOKK


After an unusually sunny sustainable sweden tour the weather had decided to show some diversity and offered cold rain for the participants in Jokkmokk. Only Sara, as she’s such a strong, fit and fantastic human being, dared to go outside for a morning jog.

The day started at 9 o clock at Ajtte the swedish mountain and same museum with a round table (without the table) discussion together with local people from Jokkmokk.

After all the world’s problem had been solved it was time for the obligatory fika followed by a guided tour around the museum. Full of knowledge about the Sami (the indigenous people of Sweden) culture and history the participant enjoyed a lunch at the restaurant of the museum.
After lunch the participants took the two cars and drove one hour to Kvikkjokk, a village close to the world heritage of Laponia and the National park Sarek. Without saying too much it was a pretty beautiful ride.

At one of the mountain stations with access to the walking track “Kungsleden” the sami and chairman of Laponiatjuottjudus Michael Teilus talked about the work with the Laponiaprocess. The Laponiaprocess is a project that works with sami self-governance in the development of the worldheritage Laponia.

After a short look around in the area and a lot of photographing it was time to take the cars back to Jokkmokk.
Together with Wolfgang Mehl and Tiina Jaatinen, the organizers of the day, the group had traditional reindeer stew at the restaurant of Hotel Jokkmokk before everyone called it a night.

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