Monday 2nd September – Stockholm


Today was a busy day!

We woke up early, we had a quick breakfast and finally we walked to the bus stop, which led us to our first destination : one of the the latest  eco-district in southern Stockholm. We had some time to walk in the neighborhood that Torbjörn knew.
He presented to us the various infrastructures, especially those concerning the  waste management.
Then we arrived at the meeting-point where we met our first interlocutor: Susanna Elfors, who works for the company Esam.

After some presentations, we headed further south to discover a Nature Reserve in the city. Urbanization here was impressive because buildings mark the space but there is forest all around. Finally, to conclude our walk, we discovered one of the first eco-village  in Stockholm (Understenshöjden). Every houses were energy efficient, laying in a natural environment.

Around 11:30 am, we thanked our guide and we took the subway. We had lunch in an Indian restaurant with spicy food : the atmosphere was friendly, but the first signs of tiredness were felt by the majority of the group because of the walk during the morning. We were all a little exhausted.

At 13:00, we had to go in order to meet Tomas Gustavsson, responsible of the Stockholm Royal Seaport Project.
We discovered the place enthusiastically : it was a bright design with a friendly conference room. In more or less one hour, we discovered this large project (renovation of the port, creation of new eco-districts, establishment of new businesses…). Exchanges were also creatives, as participants had many questions related to their own experiences in the United States. During this week, curiosity was not a default, but on the contrary, an important quality that promoted the exchange and made conferences attractives. Then we came out with new ideas and I could feel a passion for the project among the participants.

But no time to hang out even more if we wanted , because we must quickly return to Langholmen to get our luggages and get to our next destination: Södertälje , where we had dinner this evening with city politicians and other people involved in the life of the municipality.

The ride was a bit long and allowed everyone to get some rest after this busy day. However, we encountered some problems with the lease of two vehicles to move us around Södertälje. A little annoyed by this new waiting time (fatigue, hunger started to be felt), we ended up to Ytterjärna Restaurant where our guests were waiting for us.

The meal was cooked only with organic vegetables : it was excellent, especially since it was concluded by two birthday cakes. In fact, during this week, we had the chance to celebrate three birthdays! So we sang several times in Swedish, English , French , and even Russian!

Later in the evening , we finally discover our new accomodation for a few days : a school (Vackstanäsgymnasiet), where we have spend three nights.

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