Sunday 1st September – Langholmen (Stockholm)


This day was the real beginning and also a king of introduction for the Tour.

First, we all had breakfast at the hotel.
Once everyone was ready , we started looking for a place where we could talk together. Finally, we have found one where everyone can sit and get comfortable .

As introduction of the day, Torbjörn declared that the experience of the Tour will be a change for all of us. Then, he asked everyone to introduce themselves , but in an original way in order to make us aware that we are a community ( we all had a common origin ). We had to do a self-presentation including our roots since 600 years ago.

I was the one who started .
No special background for me. From what I know , my family has its origins in Spain on the side of my father and my mother. But I do not know any more , because we live in France for the past several hundred years .

Then came the turn of the others, and many of them have their origins in the wave of Irish immigration. Others have Spanish or German origins. Torbjörn , meanwhile , says that his family has its origins in the north of Sweden:  » the first Sweed ».

This kind of presentation was a way to explain that, despite our current differences , we have a lot of roots in common. Once all participants feel at ease , Torbjörn began to explain his view of the world : the first draft eco- municipality in the 80s (Övertorneå), the theory of fundamental needs from the Chilean economist Manfred Max- Neef … etc.

After a good meal at the hotel , we continued the introduction of the week. Torbjörn explained his new concept « ekokommun 5.0 » which is the title of his new book (in Swedish , soon translated into English).

Finally, after this brainstorming, the group discovered the city of Stockholm : the docks, the Old Town, the Royal Palace…The most fascinating was to discover all the greenery in urban areas, which was quite fascinating. During a shutdown, all the participants, who come from the same school , decided to take a group photo with the T -shirt with the logo of their school.

Then we slowly returned to Langholmen in the late afternoon to rest, have dinner, and finally have some sleep. Tomorrow, the first visits will start !

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