Tuesday 3rd September – Södertälje


This day, the awakening was softer than yesterday. We took the time to take our breakfast all together and we met more fully the principal of the school , who had dinner with us last night. Around 9:00 , we took the car and mini- bus to get us to the place of the first visit.

It was a new wastewater treatment plant that allows their « recycling ». The place is owned by a company of the municipality: TelgeNät, which owns the station.
We met the person in charge of the place, which made us a presentation on the sewage system. It’s a village close to the station that uses it, because people are equipped with separate toilet. Urine is stored on site and it’s used as fertilizer for their garden, while other wastewaters are disposed each week by a truck that comes to collect them. This wastewater are then fed to the station, and a particular chemical process purifies the water, which contains less bacterias and less phosphorus after the process. This process takes 14 days, then clean water is stored in a large silo where it rests for an other 14 days before becoming a fertilizer for local farmers. This is a kind of virtuous systemic functioning.

After the presentation, we visited the premises and took a closer look how the station operates. It is always interesting to see the actual operation after the powerpoint presentation.

Around 11:00, we thanked our host for her hospitality and we headed to our next destination to eat.
We were in a beautiful flower garden with a few greenhouses around. The place was presented by Hans Von Essen, who was also at the dinner last night and that is part of the community BERAS.
We ate together organic food from the garden and we enjoyed the sun, that we had since the beginning of the week (a chance! ), on a terrace where we had coffee.

But at 13:00 it was already time to hit the road to find a school: the Wendela Hebbe Gymnasium. It is a school specializing in Art and Design. The building was impressive: a very bright with lot of space and many facilities for students. Moreover, we could felt a sense of well being around us, as if the students were planning a positive energy to study: a rare atmosphere. We then met the cooks in the school restaurant serving organic food every day: a warm, diverse food in sufficient quantity are the principles of the restaurant team. A form of waste management is also implemented: each day and after each meal, cooks indicate the number of waste collected on a blackboard. This table is used to inform and educate students not to waste food. But it also serves as an indicator for the cooks in order to change the composition of their meals and adjusting quantities (in fact, if there is waste when food was not appreciated, it is the same when the dish is good because the students use to take more food…).
We finished the tour of the school by meeting a professor of general culture of sustainable development with the mission to raise awareness of students on topics such as global warming, pollution, protection of eco- systems…Various studies are then applied on these issues through theater, photo projects, video projects…

After thanking everyone for having us, we went to our last visit of the day: the eco-village Charlottendal, where we met Peter Hagerrot, that was also present yesterday for the meal. This village was built by 6 families, which wanted to create it. These families own the land, that’s why they can lead independently the evolution of the space for the eco – village. Every house were energy efficiects and each family has its own garden. Near the village lay a forest that helps people to supply wood and there are meadows that allow sheep farming.

Finally, around 19:00, we went back our accomodation, where we stayed for dinner. It was a delicious meal with friendliness discussions. Peter and his new American student  ate with us. We eventually all went to bed satisfied.

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