7th September – End of the Seminar and Countryside’s Gotland


Today we finished the seminar with workshops.
We returned to the Regional Parliament ‘s Chambers of Gotland. Torbjörn explained us the principle of workshops.
We decided to form three groups on different themes. For example,  » how to expand organic farming to a society ? « .
The groups reflected on their themes during one hour. We discussed and shared views. Finally, each groups have summarized their ideas on a large sheet of paper to present to everyone.

After a fika (coffee break) where we could discuss with other group members on how their workshop happened, we all gathered to present the results of our study . We all listened very carefully and finally Torbjörn closed the seminar by thanking all participants and especially the various stakeholders.

Around noon , we just ate next to the building, a former military barrack.
We discussed in more detail what we did in the morning and some of us were thinking to return to the hotel to enjoy our last day.

Thus, in the early afternoon, a part of the group returned to the hotel and the other part took a bus to visit the countryside of Gotland. First stop on the tour : the regional bus storage center in the region, because these buses work with ethanol. Then we stopped about 45 minutes to see a festival of farmers and agriculture of Gotland. Many people participated in this festival where we have found different stands. We could play or taste local products ( honey , vegetables ..) . While walking, I found a scene where politicians from the region participated in a quiz to see if they know the area that they administer.

Then we met again in the bus to visit a friend of Torbjörn, who has  energy efficient home. The house is impressive : it is equipped with many solar panels, the living room floor is made of wood from the surrounding forest and sunlight is optimized.

Finally, we ended the day by our last dinner at a restaurant near the hotel in Visby. We took some pictures together and then some of us decided to have a last to enjoy the last night on Gotland and of the Tour.

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