About the Tour


Welcome on our new blog relating all the informations about the Sustainable Sweden Tour since 2012. The contents of the blog are managed by the interns of Sustainable Sweden Association and Sara Lahti.

The Tour Leader is the chairman of Sustainable Sweden Association, Torbjörn Lahti, who has three decades of experiences of working with Eco-Municipalities! He was the leader of the first Eco-Municipality project in Sweden in Övertorneå in the 80’s.

Sustainable Sweden Association in a few words

➢ A non-profit and non-governmental organization working for an economic, ecological and social sustainable development
➢ A strong experience in building systems combining the different aspects of sustainable development
➢ A unique platform to spread good sustainable initiatives implemented in Sweden

What are the Sustainable Sweden Tours ?
➢ Study Tours through Swedish eco-municipalities

➢ An inspiring program of seminars, cultural events, study visits and discussions
➢ A unique chance to learn from Swedish eco-municipalities and their comprehensive sustainable work with Agenda 21
➢ A tool to develop successful sustainable strategies in companies, organizations and municipalities

The Tour in September 2012 was split in two parts, one in Southern Sweden and the other one in Northern Sweden. In September 2013, the Tour was localized in the Southern-East part of Sweden (see Itineraries). Host communities were Eco-Municipalities who shared their experiences of how to transform the communities to sustainability.
A special focus has been put on renewable energy and sustainable economy.

We also had the pleasure to have Manfred Max-Neef, the famous alternative economist from Chile, as one of our participants on both Tours 2012 and 2013. He held a couple of seminars on “new economy” during the 2-week journey in 2012! In 2013, he was also the key-note speaker during the seminar in Gotland.

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